About Lindum Outreach Ltd

Lindum Outreach Ltd was founded in 2021 as a sister company for Lindum College Ltd. We have two main areas of business – Community work and Alternative Therapies such as Crystal Healing, Reiki, and coaching. The work we do is eclectic, we aim to find the right way to help clients. We are aware of the diverse needs of clients of all ages in this fast paced everchanging world, our aim is to offer a range of styles and therapies to suit our clients

Alternative Therapies

We can offer alternative therapies such as Crystal Healing Reiki and spiritual guidance and development. Our therapies are designed to help people in an individual way which can help to achieve relieve stress and anxiety, and re-energise their bodies.

  • Coaching - £40 per session
  • Reiki - £45
  • Crystal Healing - £45
  • Spiritual guidance and development - £40
Our community projects

We offer placements for counsellors as part of their training which provides low-cost counselling.

Group work

Youth activity support group – evenings

Self- esteem building for teenagers

LGBTQIA+ group support